von Kerstin Grießhaber und Carolin Schogs


1.the part of a gown, dress, or coat that extends downward from the waist.
Category: Clothing
2.a one-piece garment extending downward from the waist and not joined between the legs, worn esp. by women and girls.
Category: Clothing
3.some part resembling or suggesting the skirt of a garment, as the flared lip of a bell.
4.a small leather flap on each side of a saddle, covering the metal bar from which the stirrup hangs.
5.a flat, horizontal wooden piece, often ornamental, set immediately beneath a tabletop, chair seat, base of a chest of drawers, etc., and extending between the legs.
Category: Furniture
Ref: Also called apron.
6.a cloth flounce or valance fitting around the sides of a bed, couch, or chair, as to conceal the legs.
Category: Furniture
7.Usu., skirts. the bordering, marginal, or outlying part of a place, group, etc.; outskirts.
8.Older Slang: Usually Offensive.a woman or girl.
Category: Status (usage), Sexuality
(v.t.)to lie on or along the border of:
The hills skirt the town.
to pass along or around the border or edge of:
Traffic skirts the monument.
to avoid, go around the edge of, or keep distant from (something controversial, risky, etc.).
to wrap or cover with or as if with a skirt.
Category: Common Vocabulary
(v.i.)to be or lie on or along the edge of something.
to move along or around the border of something.*

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